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Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey Calls Tool's Maynard James Keenan "Childish"

Pop star's spouse gets defensive over singer's comment about her husband's fandom
Maynard James Keenan, 2019

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan is well known for his sardonic sense of humor, but his recent comment that pop star Justin Bieber's fandom was a "#bummer" still didn't sit well with the Canadian pop star's wife, Hailey. 

"He expressed he was a fan of your music," the protective newlywed (who is also a model, and actor Stephen Baldwin's daughter) fired back at Keenan on Twitter. "Grew up listening to your music. You must be unhappy with yourself that you want to make people feel small who express their admiration for you. Very childish and hurtful thing to do. I hope u find security within yourself. Sad place to be."

Since her tweet, Hailey and Justin's fans have swarmed the conversation and introduced the concept of mainstream "stan" culture to surely more than a few metalheads. Arguments over whether Hailey's comments were attention-seeking or valid have run wild, leading to thousands of replies and plenty of in-fighting between fan groups. Even fans of Justin's ex Selena Gomez are in on the action. For his part, Keenan appears to have chimed in on the matter by tweeting Tool's "Hush" video.

Time will tell — and probably quickly forget — what happens with this drama, but in more important news, Tool's highly anticipated fifth album is due out August 30th and the band's music has finally started popping up on digital streaming services. Catch the band later this year at California's Aftershock Festival on October 13th. 

Below, see Maynard James Keenan train in BJJ and discuss how fighting connects with his philosophy of art and work: