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Kelly Osbourne and Slipknot's Sid Wilson Are Dating

Ozzy's daughter shared "happy birthday baby" post with nu-metal DJ
Kelly Osbourne Slipknot Sid Wilson dating split photo

Unless they're just reaaaally close friends, it appears that Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and TV personality Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, are a happy couple. Earlier this week, British tabloid the Daily Mirror scooped up screenshots from Osbourne's Instagram stories that pictured her and the unmasked nu-metal freak posing for some intimate photos. In one, the two are leaning in for a snuggly shot, and another showed Wilson planting a kiss on Osbourne's cheek while she made a funny expression of shock.

It seemed very likely that the two were an item, and that suspicion was essentially confirmed today (January 20th) when Osbourne took to her IG right at midnight to post a pic commemorating Wilson's 45th birthday. "Happy birthday baby," Osbourne wrote alongside a photo of the two of them smiling, with Wilson's arm around her shoulder and Osbourne sporting a T-shirt of her significant other donning his Slipknot gas mask. It seems like we have the latest metal celebrity power couple on our hands. Check out the cute pictures below. 

Kelly osbourne slipknot sid wilson happy birthday photo
Kelly osbourne slipknot sid wilson snuggling
Kelly Osbourne slipknot sid wilson kissing