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Kerry King Says Slayer "Quit Too Early"

Thrash guitarist expressed regret over 2019 breakup: "I hate fucking not playing"
slayer kerry king 2018 HENDRIKX, Eric Hendrikx
Slayer's Kerry King, 2018
photograph by Eric Hendrikx

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It hasn't even been two full years since Slayer played their final show on November 30th, 2019, but Kerry King is already regretting their breakup. In a new video congratulating Machine Head on their 30th anniversary as a band, the pioneering thrash guitarist took a moment to reflect on his own musical career and comment that Slayer "quit too early."

In the video, King is in the middle of toasting Robb Flynn's band for making it three full decades when he suddenly pivots to beating himself up over bringing Slayer to a close just a couple years before they made it to 40. 

"Apparently, it's [been] 30 years, which is quite an achievement. Not a lot of bands get there," King said of Machine Head's impressive run. "We did, and then we quit too early."

"Fuck us, I know," he adds in what seems like a response to fans who wished Slayer kept going. "Fuck me. I hate fucking not playing." 

From there, he pivots back to big-upping Machine Head, but his off-the-cuff admission that Slayer called it quits too soon definitely seems like something that's been on his mind.

As the video continues, King also reveals that Machine Head is the only band that he ever "demanded" open for Slayer throughout their entire history. 

"I think Robb knows this but if you don't, here you go. The only band I ever demanded to open for Slayer was Machine Head," he said before shouting out their 1994 album, Burn My Eyes, and holding up a glass. "Cheers to my friends. You guys deserve it." 

Watch King's portion of the video below, which begins right at the 1:30 mark.