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Kevin Hart Wears Exodus Shirt, Gary Holt Gives Him "A Pass"

Thrash guitarist, known for sporting "Kill the Kardashians" tee, spares actor-comedian
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Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has been an outspoken critic of celebs co-opting heavy-metal style for the sake of fashion. The thrash pioneer notably rocked a tee emblazoned with phrase, "Kill the Kardashians," in part as a response to Kendall and Kylie Jenner's line of $125 T-shirts designed to "honor" iconic artists including Black Sabbath and Metallica — by superimposing Instagram photos of themselves on top of them. That said, Holt's response to comedian Kevin Hart sporting a vintage-looking Exodus shirt while out promoting his new film, Jumanji 3, might come as a surprise.

"Okay everyone... yes I've seen this!" Holt posted on Instagram under a pic of the diminutive actor-comedian and his contrastingly gargantuan costar Dwayne Johnson. "Is he a fan? I highly doubt it, more likely his stylist bought it for a small fortune at some vintage tee shirt shop, if it's not a modern bootleg."

"How do I feel?" Holt continued. "Eh. Another dude using metal shirts to look edgy. Who knows? BUT. I'm a HUGE Kevin Hart fan, so I give him a pass cause he makes me laugh my ass off!"

Turns out, the guitarist's particular distaste for the Kardashians has a lot to due with them "becoming superstars for doing nothing," as Holt sees it — at least compared to someone like Hart. Check out the Holt's full post below.