See Kid Bookie Tangle With "Trifecta of All Vices" in "Liquor, Sex and Weed" Video | Revolver

See Kid Bookie Tangle With "Trifecta of All Vices" in "Liquor, Sex and Weed" Video

Corey Taylor-endorsed rapper wrangles with "demons and releases" and his own "antisocial-as-fuck psyche"
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London-based rapper Kid Bookie got his start in music playing guitar in a local band, so it makes perfect sense that, as a hip-hop artist, his rock influences should come to the fore. That was the case last year when he collaborated with Slipknot's Corey Taylor on a "heavier" update of "Stuck in My Ways," a song off his 2018 release Shake Up. Revolver premiered the revamped version's music video, as well as his May single "Say It With Your Chest," featuring D.C. rapper Kamiyada+, which also showcases a menacing rock edge. Today (June 18th), Bookie has teamed with Revolver once again, this time to unleash a moody, propulsive cut tantalizingly titled "Liquor, Sex and Weed." Riding on a slinky, piano-and-guitar-laden groove, it builds to an infectious, power-chord-driven chorus as the rapper wrangles with the uses and abuses of the titular trio. The song arrives with a sleek music video capturing Bookie brandishing a baseball bat and rocking out with a guitar-wielding friend. Watch and listen below.

"The trifecta of all vices: liquor, sex and weed. Demons and releases," Bookie says of the song. "Some use as escapism, some use because of addiction. I'm probably somewhere in between, which in turn creates an antisocial-as-fuck psyche — which I don't condone, but at least I'm aware, huh? But also, still striving for better, you know? You're aware of your own bullshit and what the contributing factors are, but I guess still reveling in that comfort mentality because it's safe."

"Liquor, Sex and Weed" is just the latest of many new tracks that Kid Bookie has in the pipeline — including some more major rock collaborations. The rapper is set to drop records with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson, plus work with Good Charlotte's Billy Martin. Stay tuned.