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Kids, Rollin' Girls and Winnie the Pooh: 7 Wild Fan Cameos From Limp Bizkit Tour

Fred Durst and Co. invited concertgoers onstage to party with them and the fans threw down
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Limp Bizkit's super-fun spring trek wrapped last night (May 31st) in Ontario, California, and as we've said before, the tour is in the running for the biggest party of the year. The 19-date sprint saw Fred Durst and Co. supporting their latest album, 2021's Still Sucks, joined by a cutting-edge coterie of young, up-and-coming support acts — including Revolver faves Dying Wish, Wargasm and Scowl.

But the best part of each show might have been the onstage appearances by a wide variety of over-the-moon fans recruited by Durst to join him during songs like "Break Stuff," "Full Nelson" and Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name." In celebration of those brave souls who risked it all in front of their fellow concertgoers, we scoured YouTube and picked out a handful of the best fan cameos from Bizkit's just-concluded run.

Kid Breaks Stuff and Steals Show in Green Bay, Wisconsin, May 22nd

Bizkit concluded each show on the tour by inviting all the support acts onto the stage during their climactic performance of "Break Stuff." It made for a rowdy close to a rowdy night. But the May 22nd gig in Green Bay took things next level when the headliners were completely upstaged by a little kid in a fedora. Pulled up from the crowd, the tyke oozed attitude and totally owned the song and the audience, including all the opening bands, who watched transfixed as a star was born. In the end, the kid triumphantly tossed his hat to the adoring masses, and Durst could only exhale the words on everyone's minds: "Holy shit."

Local Goes "Hard as Fuck" in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, May 7th

In Wilkes-Barre, Durst pulled up one particularly amped-up red-baseball-cap-topped die-hard to duet with him during Bizkit's cover of "Killing in the Name" (which kicks in around the 3:53 mark in the video above). The fan went "hard as fuck" — Durst's words — bouncing around, on cloud nine. It was a high-octane performance worthy of an invite from Durst to party with the band backstage, but before that, to "just relax" in the La-Z-Boy recliner that was a central prop in Bizkit's "dad vibes"-focused live production. Dude earned a breather.

Little Red Cap in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, May 7th

Showcasing a more chill side to Wilkes-Barre, Young Thomas took to the stage to join Bizkit for "My Generation." Dubbed "Little Red Cap" by Durst, the kid was clearly pretty nervous but in a very cute and relatable way, stiffly bobbing and dancing along in front of the large crowd. His inner Durst did emerge unfiltered, however, when introducing the song — after a whispered cue from the Bizkit frontman — with a swaggering "If only we could fly!"

Winnie the Pooh in Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 6th

If you've a longtime Bizkit head then chances are you've seen a dude in a Winnie the Pooh outfit in the mosh pit before. Pooh Bear has been attending Bizkit shows since the Nineties, according to Durst, and so this ursine maniac heartily deserved an onstage moment on this spring run. He got his in Atlantic City (around the 5:20 mark), dancing, roaring, skipping and otherwise hamming it up during "Killing in the Name." "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day," Pooh famously said. This ain't nothing.

"Rollin' Girls" Keep Rollin' in Baltimore, Maryland, May 15th

When Bizkit hit Charm City, they closed the show by inviting not just all the opening acts onstage but also everyone in the crowd dressed up like "any of the kooky characters who come out in our shit." Plenty of fans climbed onto the stage bringing the "dad vibes," but two young ladies channeled instead the dancers in the "Rollin'" music video, rocking red baseball caps, cropped white tank tops and baggy pants. Durst parked himself right between them and they threw down together.

Dovely With the Hair in Baltimore, Maryland, May 15th

Earlier that night in Baltimore, a fan named Dovely wanted to sing "Full Nelson" with Bizkit so much, he made a sign. And who can say no to a sign? What really caught the band's attention, though, was his mane of perfect tresses. "C'mon, let's hear it for his hair!" Durst exhorted the crowd after dueting with young Dovely. In truth, the concertgoer earned his applause with more than just his finely coifed locks — dude brought the energy and the antics, at one point, singing the song while laying upside down on Bizkit's "dad vibes" La-Z-Boy. Watch around the 5:07 minute mark.

"Local Shit Talker" in Tampa Bay, Florida, April 28th

In Tampa, Durst solicited the crowd to see if anyone wanted sing the song that his band was teasing with its intro riff, a.k.a. "Full Nelson." (Fast-forward to around the 3:08 mark.) Chad, a crowdsurfing "local shit talker," answered the call. After a bit of an awkward introduction, the Florida Man absolutely nailed a back-and-forth with the Bizkit frontman on the Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water standout. "Limp Bizkit, baby," Chad exclaimed at the end, arms up in victory. Indeed.