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Killswitch Engage Release 'Atonement II' B-Sides for COVID-19 Relief

Singer Jesse Leach: "These are deeply meaningful songs that I believe in wholeheartedly"

New England–based metalcore powerhouses Killswitch Engage have released Atonement II B-Sides for Charity exclusively via Bandcamp. You can pick up the six-song package here. The release includes cuts from the recording sessions for the band's crushingly heavy Grammy-nominated album (and the first since frontman Jesse Leach's 2018 vocal cord surgery) Atonement, which was one of last year's best LPs. Check out the track list and cover art below.

All proceeds — 100 percent of them — will be donated to the COVID-19 Relief Fund for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. As vocalist Jesse Leach explained, "These songs didn't make the final cut for Atonement. Choosing which songs make an album remains a tough process for me. While the songs that made the most sense appear on the album, I'm still attached to every song I write. So, when the idea came up to put these B-sides out and donate funds to a charity, I was relieved at the idea and the band unanimously agreed to the cause. I am proud these songs get to see a release, and to help others in the process is a huge bonus.

"These songs were written during a very difficult and uncertain time of my life," he continued. "They are written with two perspectives: that of a struggling, angry, frustrated man having a crisis of faith, life, and love and a man finding the will and the strength to change perspective, try again, and to fight through it all. Although these songs may not have made the cut for the album, they are deeply meaningful songs that I believe in wholeheartedly. Lyrically, they are some of my favorites that I have written. From the very personal 'Hollow Convictions,' 'No Devotion,' and 'I Feel Alive Again,' to the battle cry songs of 'Killing of Leviathan,' 'Prophets of Treason,' and 'The Great Beyond,' it tells the story of my journey and my view of the world around me."


Atonement II  B-sides for Charity track listing:
"To the Great Beyond"
"Hollow Convictions"
"Killing of Leviathan"
"No Devotion"
"I Feel Alive Again"
"Prophets of Treason"