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Kirk Hammett Picks 11 Favorite Metallica Wah Solos

Listed on the bottom of his new Jim Dunlop signature wah pedal
Kirk Hammett metallica Jimmy Hubbard, Jimmy Hubbard
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

The wah pedal is a not-so-secret weapon on Kirk Hammett's pedal board (he uses it frequently on practically every Metallica record), and now he's partnered with Jim Dunlop to sell his very own signature Cry Baby wah. The pedal itself looks pretty sick, but the most remarkable feature of it is that on the bottom of its base, as Guitar World noted, Hammett has listed his 11 favorite wah solos from throughout the Metallica discography. So it's kind of like reading a listicle, but on the bottom of a stompbox. 

The list contains one song from nearly every Metallica record and it's ordered chronologically, beginning with his favorite from 1983's Kill 'Em All ("No Remorse") and concluding with "End of the Line" from 2008's Death Magnetic. It's a cool, weirdly specific list that offers a unique perspective into the mind of Hammett, and guitar nerds and Metallica diehards alike can all have fun fawning over his picks. 

There's also a quote from Hammett inscribed in the bottom of his device. "I bought my first Crybaby before we recorded Kill 'Em All, and I've been stepping on one to kick-start my playing ever since. It's a huge part of my sound, and never let's me down." 

Check out the pedal here and see Hammett's full list of his favorite wah-enhanced solos below. 

Kirk Hammett's 11 favorite wah solos: 
"No Remorse" – Kill 'Em All
"Fight Fire With Fire" – Ride the Lightning
"Battery" – Master of Puppets
"…And Justice for All" – …And Justice for All
 "Enter Sandman" – Metallica
"Until it Sleeps" – Load
"Memory Remains" – Reload
"The Outlaw Torn" – S&M
"Turn the Page" – Garage Inc.
"Shoot Me Again" – St. Anger
"The End Of the Line" – Death Magnetic