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KIRK HAMMETT picks favorite song on METALLICA's '72 Seasons'

"I didn't write any of it!"
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Out of all 12 songs on Metallica's new album, 72 Seasons, Kirk Hammett's favorite is one that he didn't even have a hand in writing!

During a new interview with Guitar World, Hammett and 'Tallica bassist Robert Trujillo broke down every song on the band's newly released 11th studio album. Most of the interview consists of the string players giving insight into the writing process behind each track, but for the song "You Must Burn," the fifth in 72 Seasons' tracklist, Hammett revealed that it's actually his personal favorite of the whole bunch. 

Check out his reasoning below. 

"You Must Burn"

My favorite song on the whole album — and I didn't write any of it! That Sabbath-y middle riff that James wrote is epic. And I love the guitar solo. I can't remember playing any of these guitar solos to be honest, so it's amusing to hear them again. I get to pick and choose what parts I want to play live and what parts I want to change, and that's beautiful.