Korn's Jonathan Davis on Losing Mom and Wife: "You're Not the Same After That" | Revolver

Korn's Jonathan Davis on Losing Mom and Wife: "You're Not the Same After That"

Singer discusses channeling personal loss into 'The Nothing' LP

To commemorate their momentous last 12 months, Korn recently launched a retrospective docuseries that looks back on the alt-metal godfathers' 2019 LP, The Nothing, and the turbulence and triumph around it. Episode one dug into their current stage production and the song "You'll Never Find Me." Episode two pulled back the curtain on the Alice in Chains tour, which also featured Underoath, the Fever 333 and Ho99o9. Episodes three and four dove deep into the making of The Nothing, and the series' latest installment continues on that course, specifically, turning the camera to the recording of the album's gut-wrenching centerpiece "Finally Free," which deals directly with the death of singer Jonathan Davis' wife Devin.

While a lot of the record was written and recorded with the band members separate from one another, Korn tackled "Finally Free" as a group and wound up with the most cathartic song on The Nothing. "It just felt right," Davis says of the finished product, explaining that the song ultimately captured "just that feeling that I needed to let out." 

The final portion of the clip focuses on the one-two punch of losing his mother and wife within the same time period, and how the trauma shaped everything about the album, compelling the singer to turn it into a time capsule before really working to move forward in life. A fan interview captured before a show sees a woman talking about losing her brother to addiction and finding solace in Korn's music, which Davis seems to understand better than anyone. "I think those people who've gone through it really get what I'm talking about," he closes. "You're not the same after that."