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Korn's Jonathan Davis Picks Favorite Nu-Metal Revival Band

"They're heavy, but they're new and different"
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Korn are probably the band that's most associated with nu-metal — and for good reason, given they were playing a style of groovy, funk rap-inflected metal music several years before it would become an industry-wide phenomenon. In recent times, the once-derided genre has come back around in a big way, with young bands from all corners of the music world tapping into its sound and style for inspiration. 

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis expressed his fondness toward nu-metal's cultural revival, and named his favorite new band who's vying to carry the torch he and his Bakersfield brothers lit nearly three decades ago. 

"I'm glad it's back, but the whole nu-metal thing, it's just whatever!," Davis said with a laugh, brushing off the term nu-metal itself but appreciating the love that style of music is getting. "I like this one band called Wargasm. They're pretty cool. They're heavy, but they're new and different."

We definitely agree with Davis! Not to be confused with the defunct thrash band of the same name, the U.K. duo of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock are bringing back late-Nineties electro elements and blending that with nu-metal intensity and pop spirit in a way that doesn't quite sound like anything else. They're currently wrapping up a tour opening for Limp Bizkit, so Davis is in the loop: they're definitely a band to look out for. 

Check out a Wargasm song below.