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Lamb of God Guitarist's Daughter Feels Bad for People Who Like Machine Gun Kelly

Mark Morton's 11-year-old kid pities those who enjoy listening to the self-proclaimed "mainstream sellout"
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Machine Gun Kelly doesn't have many supporters in the metal community. The wildly successful rapper-turned-pop-punker (who's now turning back to rap) really poked the wrong wasp's nest when he spontaneously dissed Slipknot last year at Riot Fest, which led to him being booed by maggots at Louder Than Life and told by Corey Taylor to "suck every inch of my dick." Earlier this year, he was once again the target of metalhead disdain when he utterly butchered System of a Down's "Aerials" on Howard Stern, making him the laughing stock of the heavy-music internet yet again.

All of this is to say that MGK's reputation isn't very positive among longtime metalheads, but even Mark Morton's 11-year-old daughter is already onboard the hater train. In fact, she doesn't just dislike his music, she actively pities people who listen to the self-proclaimed "mainstream sellout" and enjoy what they're hearing.

"My 11 year old daughter just told me that she feels bad for people that listen to Machine Gun Kelly," Morton wrote on Twitter. Ouch. 

To his credit, the Lamb of God guitarist recognized the humor — if not the truth — in his daughter's comment, adding in a follow-up tweet: "I mean…objectively…if MGK tweeted that his daughter said she felt sorry for people that listened to Lamb Of God, I'd think that shit was funny too."