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Lamb of God, Killswitch, Baroness, Suicide Silence: See Epic Photos of Tour Kickoff

A diverse night of heavy metal in Coney Island
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_004.jpg

Lamb of God's massive North American headlining Omens Tour launched last night (September 9th) in Coney Island, New York — "one of the coolest places in the world," as vocalist Randy Blythe described it onstage.

"Heavy metal is alive and well," LOG guitarist Mark Morton enthused when the trek was first announced in June. "The Omens Tour proudly showcases the depth and diversity of our scene." And indeed, the kickoff show did just that: Metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage, who are set to appear on all the dates, played as direct support, while prog-sludge noodlers Baroness and deathcore demons Suicide Silence opened the show. (Different legs will see Motionless in White, Spiritbox, Animals as Leaders and Fit for an Autopsy cycle through the bill.)

Revolver's own Rob Menzer was there to catch all the eclectic, mosh-pit-driving action. See some of his standout shots below.

suicide silence MENZER coney_090922001.jpg
suicide silence MENZER coney_090922002.jpg
suicide silence MENZER coney_090922003.jpg
suicide silence MENZER coney_090922004.jpg
baroness MENZER coney_090922_001.jpg
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baroness MENZER coney_090922_004.jpg
baroness MENZER coney_090922_005.jpg
killswitch engage MENZER coney_090922_001.jpg
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killswitch engage MENZER coney_090922_004.jpg
killswitch engage MENZER coney_090922_005.jpg
killswitch engage MENZER coney_090922_006.jpg
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_001.jpg
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_002.jpg
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_003.jpg
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_005.jpg
lamb of god MENZER coney_090922_006.jpg, Rob Menzer
photograph by Rob Menzer
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