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Lamb of God: See Randy Blythe's Doc About Preserving Jungle in Ecuador

Metal singer spent his Cameo earnings turning endangered land into protected forest
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Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has ensured that his legacy on this earth will amount to more than just one of the best metal catalogs in the genre's history. In a new mini documentary posted on his Instagram, Blythe narrates a project he's been working on for the last two years that involved buying endangered land in rural Ecuador in order to guarantee that it will grow back into the sprawling jungle it once was. 

Dubbed Rewilding, Blythe's short film begins with him meeting a native Ecuadorian through his personal hobby of surfing, which led him to visit the South American country and fall in love with its rich natural landscape — much of which has been destroyed by over-farming and is at risk of permanent decimation due to climate change and human interference. 

"We are not running out of time, we are out of time," Blythe warns of the impending climate disaster that has already begun to ravage regions like Ecuador's portion of the Amazon Rainforest.

Rather than merely acknowledge the situation and feel bad about it, Blythe decided to use the funds he's raised through his Cameo account to purchase a large portion of land that's been destroyed by over-farming, therefore preventing it from further damage and allowing nature to "rewild" itself back into its original and healthy form of sprawling wilderness. In other words, some real good Samaritan shit that'll actually have a vitally positive impact on the world we live in. 

"I made this short film as a thank you to all the folks who have paid me to sing them goofy happy birthday songs, wish their spouse happy anniversary, and sometimes viciously roast their friends," Blythe wrote. "If you have a bought a cameo from me, this is what I have spent your money on — if you get one in the future, this is what your money will go towards. Thanks for the support."

Watch the documentary below.