Lars Ulrich Declares Norwegian Stoner Rockers Bokassa His "Favorite New Band" | Revolver

Lars Ulrich Declares Norwegian Stoner Rockers Bokassa His "Favorite New Band"

"These guys are fucking insanely cool"

Say what you will about Lars Ulrich, but give him credit where it's due: the Metallica drummer's repped some damn good bands over the years, from spazcore titans Dillinger Escape Plan to Belgian post-hardcore outfit Brutus. Now, he's gotten behind Bokassa, a little-known outfit from Norway who blend pummeling hardcore rhythms with bong-friendly riffage. Ulrich heaped praises upon the band on a recent episode of his Beats 1 radio show "It's Electric!", declaring the stoner-rock trio his favorite new band.

"Since I first heard this in the last week, this is like my favorite new band," Ulrich gushed, referencing Bokassa's album Divide and Conquer, released last March. "These guys are fucking insanely cool. I heard most of the first record and all the songs are fucking way next level."

Ulrich went on to recommend the group's music video for "No Control," a searing highlight off Divide and Conquer. "There's a super cool ... black and white video of them sitting in a bar drinking beer. It's like a one-shot, and all their friends come up behind them and help them sing the song and take their beer from them. I know it doesn't sound like much of a concept but it works really well, it's really cool."

Bokassa's Divide and Conquer LP is available via their Bandcamp page. If you're a fan of Kvelertak, Entombed, Red Fang and the like, you're in for a serious treat. Listen below.

"It's Electric!" airs Sundays at 3 pm Pacific on Apple Music.