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LIMP BIZKIT debut new look at first show of 2023: See video and setlist

Fred Durst swapped "Dad Vibes" for lumberjack swag

Limp Bizkit played their first show of 2023 last night in Munich, Germany, and fans were treated to the debut of a striking new look from Fred Durst and Wes Borland. Since the nu-metal miscreants unexpectedly returned to the limelight with their 2021 song, "Dad Vibes," Durst has been dressing like a dorky father with huge aviators and brown khakis, but last night he swapped those digs out for a red beanie, huge blue overalls and a massive white Santa Claus beard. Guitarist Wes Borland, who notoriously changes out his elaborate costumes all the time, was decked out in shiny metal armor over a black suit. 

They both looked ridiculous in the best way possible, and the 24-song show they played looked like it went off without a hitch. The band played tons of classics, as well as a few songs from their 2021 comeback, Still Sucks, including the live debut of the song "Barnacle."

Check out videos and photos from the wild night above and below via YouTube, as well as the whole setlist, courtesy of

Limp Bizkit setlist, 3/30/23:
Out of Style
Pill Popper
Dirty Rotten Bizkit
Barnacle (Live debut)
Hot Dog
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
I'm Broke (until second chorus, into…)
Counterfeit (until second chorus, into…)
Pollution (until second chorus)
Gold Cobra
My Generation
Livin' It Up
My Way
Full Nelson
Re-Arranged (Until bridge, into...)
Take a Look Around (with Sam Matlock)

Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover) (Until second chorus)
Don't Change (INXS cover) (Until second chorus)
Dad Vibes (Until second chorus)
Eat You Alive
Faith (George Michael cover)
Saturday Night Live Theme (The Saturday Night Live Band song)
Break Stuff