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Limp Bizkit 'Still Sucks': Hear Fred Durst and Co.'s First New Album in 10 Years

Nu-metal miscreants unveiled long-awaited comeback LP on Halloween

Depending on how you regard Limp Bizkit, their brand new album could either be a trick or a treat. Either way, their first record in 10 years has arrived on this here Halloween, and it's literally titled Still Sucks.

Their first full-length since 2011's Gold Cobra — and only their second since 2003's Results May Vary — comes on the heels of the band's renewed relevance in the rock music zeitgeist. Over the summer, shortly after they were prominently featured in HBO's Woodstock '99 documentary, the group led by the eccentric Fred Durst played a viral set at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival that notoriously featured their once frat-boy-ish frontman dressed like someone's dad at a Doobie Brothers concert. 

The performance also featured the airing of a new song called "Dad Vibes", which was played as Bizkit's outro and later officially released at the end of last month — marking their first piece of original material since a one-off single in 2014. The track is arguably the most overtly humorous — in a charming and innocent way, at least — song they've ever released, and now they've carried that self-aware humor over into an entire LP.

Stream Limp Bizkit Still Sucks above via YouTube, and peep its deranged cover art, painted by Bizkit's own Wes Borland, and tracklist below.

Limp Bizkit Still Sucks artwork

Still Sucks tracklist:
1.    "Out of Style"    
2.    "Dirty Rotten Bizkit"    
3.    "Dad Vibes"
4.    "Turn It Up, Bitch"    
5.    "Don't Change" (INXS cover)    
6.    "You Bring Out the Worst in Me"
7.    "Love the Hate"
8.    "Barnacle"
9.    "Empty Hole"    
10.    "Pill Popper"    
11.    "Snacky Poo"    
12.    "Goodbye"