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LIMP BIZKIT's WES BORLAND debuts bonkers new look in Tokyo

Nu-metal guitarist unveils latest extravagant stage costume
Wes Borland limp bizkit 2023 new look, sayla
Wes Borland
photograph by sayla

Wes Borland has always made himself stand out. The Limp Bizkit guitarist is famous for rocking ridiculously convoluted costumes that contrast wildly with whatever his bandmates are wearing onstage.

It's just Borland's thing, and during Bizkit's show in Tokyo last night (November 20th), the nu-metal guitarist debuted another new look that surely ranks among his most absurd.

The bonkers fit consists of a white suit jacket emblazoned with flowers, and then an eye-scrambling mask that looks like four ideas crammed into one visage.

He's got a huge beard that looks like poodle hair filling out around his neck, and then some sort of helmet (that might be made of ceramic?) with human eyes painted on, and then an additional pair of empty black eye sockets above. And then the flowers from his suit are on there, as well as some arcane golden logo that looks like an alien crop circle? 

It's positively fucking insane, and we can't stop staring at it. Check out photos of Borland wearing it below.