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LINKIN PARK: Hear MIKE SHINODA's anthemic new solo song "Already Over"

A pop-punky cut from the nu-metal icon

Linkin Park co-vocalist Mike Shinoda has released a new solo song called "Already Over." Earlier this year, the nu-metal icon contributed several tracks to the Scream VI soundtrack, including the super catchy "In My Head," a duet with Kailee Morgue.

But he's all on his own for "Already Over," a pop-punky anthem with a big chorus and a verse the combines driving guitars with a hip-hoppy drum beat.

"'Already Over' came to me as I was sitting with my favorite guitar in my hands," Shinoda commented, "the same guitar I used on songs from 'What I've Done' to 'In My Head.' There was a familiar DNA to the song that I think Linkin Park fans will recognize. For me, it creates a bridge from the past to a blurry but exciting future."

Check out "Already Over" above via YouTube.

Earlier this year, Shinoda and his Linkin Park bandmates celebrated 20 years of their sophomore album, Meteora, with a special vinyl reissue and tons of previously-unheard bonus tracks.

There's still no official word on whether or not the band will continue without late vocalist Chester Bennington, but bassist Dave Farrell did say that he thinks Linkin Park will "do something again" down the line, meaning new music and/or a tour.