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Listen to Comedian Bill Burr Praise Meshuggah, the Mars Volta in Expletive-Filled Podcast

'F Is for Family' star and amateur percussionist stunned by "fucking genius" drummers
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Comedian/actor Bill Burr showed his metalhead side on a recent episode of his "The Monday Morning Podcast," lavishing expletive-loaded praises upon the Mars Volta and Meshuggah, the PRP points out. The Breaking Bad and F Is for Family star said he's been blasting the former band's first two albums (2003's De-Loused in the Crematorium and 2005's Scabdates) on repeat – and judging from his comments, he definitely likes what he hears.

"I've just been listening to the first two the Mars Volta albums, and I gotta tell you, Jon Theodore is a fucking genius drummer," gushed Burr, who sits behind the kit for fun in his spare time. "'Viscera Eyes' – Any drummers out there, you gotta listen to that fucking song, and you gotta learn how to play it. You can't be a drummer, listen to that, and not wanna – at least that opening drum groove; I don't know what the fuck he's doing on the breakdown in the end, but it's one of the sickest fucking drum grooves I've ever heard in my life." Burr, who puts his estimated "Viscera Eyes" play-count at over 200, says the song still gives him chills: "It's fucking unreal."

Later, Burr recalled hearing Meshuggah for the first time at the suggestion of his drum teacher; The rookie, it seems, was out of his depth: "I listened to it and it was too advanced," he admitted. "It was just too much shit to be listened to." Years later, he says, poring over Mars Volta's "crazy shit" has motivated him to give the Swedish extreme metal band another listen.

"I always knew it was amazing, but now I am actually fucking into it," said Burr. "I keep listening to that first song – I'm baby-stepping my way into it, this music is way advanced for my limited musical abilities – but that first song, "Stengah" [from 2002's Nothing], the drumming on that – the whole fucking thing is unbelievable."

Check out Burr's entire podcast below. The music chat begins at the 19:00 mark.