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Loathe's Kadeem France Picks Favorite Albums of 2020

U.K. metallic hardcore frontman backs hip-hop prodigies, thrashers-turned–R&B singers, more
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Loathe's Kadeem France
photograph by Mark Unthank

Revolver has teamed with Loathe for exclusive white vinyl variants of 2020's I Let It in and It Took Everything and 2017's The Cold Sun. Each is limited to just 250 copies worldwide — get yours while you can!

Hyperbole aside, 2020 has suuuucked. From political divisiveness to civil unrest to the continued COVID-19 crisis, this year has served up serious challenges. Thankfully, the artists we love have continued to create and share killer music to help us get through the dark days. We know what albums made our Best of 2020 list, but we wanted to find out what the musicians themselves were spinning this year.

With that in mind, we asked Loathe frontman Kadeem France — whose U.K. metallic hardcore band's stunning 2020 LP, I Let It in and It Took Everything, earned the No. 5 spot on our list of the year's best albums — to weigh in with his favorite albums from the last 12 months. See his picks below.

Black Noi$e - Oblivion

I really liked how well each beat went with each featured artist on this album. I felt like they were all perfectly picked out for each person's flow and sound. 

Earl Sweatshirt - Feet of Clay (Deluxe)

I've always been a fan of the how well Earl paints a picture with his words. I also love how daring some of the beats are on this album. Really cool and experimental. 

Robert Glasper - Dinner Party

I don't need to say much — when Robert Glasper is involved in any way, it's going to be great. This record got me onto a lot of new artists. Sick concept, too.

Thundercat - It Is What It Is

I love how dream-like Thundercat [formerly of Suicidal Tendencies] can make any song with his voice. This whole album feels like a journey.

Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Deluxe Edition)

I feel like each Flying Lotus release is its own universe. I find it so easy to get lost in the songs, especially the instrumental tracks that have been added onto the deluxe edition.