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LORNA SHORE's WILL RAMOS picks current favorite band

They're not super heavy
Lorna Shore Will Ramos Live Gramercy 2022 1600x900, Rob Menzer
Lorna Shore's Will Ramos
photograph by Rob Menzer

As the frontman of new-school deathcore titans Lorna Shore, Will Ramos is best known for his animalistic extreme-metal screams. But the style of music he plays isn't a comprehensive reflection of his personal taste. 

Ramos loves clean singing as well, and during a recent sit-down interview with Rock Sound, the deathcore kingpin revealed that his current favorite band isn't some crazy slam band. It's U.K. alt-metal breakouts Sleep Token, who Ramos published a vocal cover of earlier this year. 

"I'm gonna say it, I love Sleep Token," Ramos said. You guys are listening right now. I love you guys. I was just talkign to your manager and I was like, you guys are my favorite band.

"I don't get to sing often because people are like, 'Will's just the screaming guy.' Yes... but I love singing. And Sleep Token are the perfect...hey I can kind of fit in there, it's in my range. Shout-out to Sleep Token, keep making amazing music and I will keep listening to it and doing covers of it."

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