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Machine Head: See Re-Formed Lineup's Raging "Davidian" Live Studio Performance

'Burn My Eyes' alum Chris Kontos, Logan Mader join Robb Flynn for intense re-recording of debut album's hit

After the dissolution of their recent lineup, fans were worried Machine Head might be at the end of their days. However, front man and band architect Rob Flynn had a few tricks up his sleeve and reunited three quarters of the band's Burn My Eyes lineup to re-record the album in full, starting with this stunning rendition of the album opener "Davidian." 

Gorgeous, high-quality footage scans the room as Flynn calls out the classic line "Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast," and the quartet launches into the impossibly heavy track. Returning members Chris Kontos and Logan Mader are in top-notch form, shredding through the sludgy number while Flynn's gruff screams tease out the innate heavy fury contained in the track. 


By the time the group hit the mid-song breakdown where they bring the nastiest riff back but slower (a solid trick to engage true headbangers), it becomes clear this lineup and era for Machine Head is among their tightest and best. Each member winds down the track with an extended wall of feedback-fueled chaos, calmly smiling with an air of satisfaction. 

This video, filmed at Sharkbite Studios in California, is just the first in a series to come highlighting Burn My Eyes. The group will hit the road for a U.K. and European tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of the record and band this fall, kicking off October 5th in Germany. See a full list of dates here