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Marilyn Manson Cuts Concert Short After Onstage Meltdown

Footage of New York performance shows singer incoherently ranting, prompting "Fuck You Manson" chants from crowd

Marilyn Manson is currently amid a round of North American make-up shows after being forced to cancel dates due to a serious onstage injury, which occurred at his New York City concert last year. Last night's February 15th performance at the Paramount in Huntington, New York, marked his first appearance in the tri-state area since the October incident — and the evening didn't exactly go as planned, according to those in attendance.

Fan footage taken from the concert appears to show Manson in a steadily unfolding meltdown: going on several long, incoherent rants, chastised the audience for not telling him, "I love you," and eventually, walking offstage after playing just a handful of songs. Following the Antichrist Superstar's abrupt exit, attendees can be heard chanting, "Fuck you, Manson."

This isn't the first time Manson's ruffled feathers on the road: he caught ire back in November after pulling a prop rifle on the audience mid-set at a show in San Bernadino, California — a city that suffered a terrorist attack at the hands of two gunmen in 2015 — just hours after another mass shooting had taken place, in Sunderland Springs, Texas. Manson later defended his use of the prop as "an act of theater."

Manson's tour continues tonight with a stop at Sayreville, New Jersey's Starland Ballroom.