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Mark Tremonti: My Top 5 Yacht Rock Jams

From his go-to karaoke song to tunes that take him back to childhood car rides
Mark Tremonti 2021, Scott Diussa
Mark Tremonti
photograph by Scott Diussa

Most people know Mark Tremonti as the founding guitarist of Creed, the lead axeman in Alter Bridge and the head honcho of his titular heavy metal band Tremonti. He's one of the foremost hard rock players of the 21st century who obviously has an ear for stomping riffs and raspy choruses, but what many fans may not know about the 47-year-old is that he also has a soft spot for, well, much softer sounds. 

Tremonti is a bona fide superfan of yacht rock music, the cheeky name given to the wave of artists who found massive success throughout the Seventies and Eighties by replacing rock n' roll's gusto with wispy guitars and supple melodies that hang in the air like smoke gently rising out of a burning incense stick. Tremonti loves the stuff, and his taste goes a lot deeper than the entry-level acts like Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers. 

In advance of Tremonti's self-titled band releasing one of the heaviest albums of their career, Marching in Time, this Friday, we wanted to swing in the exact opposite direction and pick his brain about music that's slow, smooth and designed to make cold drinks taste colder and sea breeze feel even sweeter. These are Tremonti's top five yacht rock jams and what he loves about each of them. 

Bobby Caldwell - "What You Won't Do For Love"

Bobby Caldwell is an amazing guitar player and vocalist. He's got a ton of soul, a ton of emotion. Since I was a kid, he was just an inspiration. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do is listen to music in the back mom and dad's car driving back and forth from their work or school. Still to this day, I've told people in interviews that my favorite styles of music are heavy metal and Seventies soft rock. It's perfect for me and yacht rock is right up my alley.

Climax Blues Band - "I Love You"

Climax Blues Band's "I Love You" is just a song that's always struck a chord with me. It's a song I have always loved. I sing it often when I when I do karaoke. That song is always one of my top karaoke go-to jams.

Gerry Rafferty - "Baker Street"

"Baker Street" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I remember growing up in Detroit and that song was just huge and played on the radio all the time. It has one the best and most memorable saxophone lines of all time in popular music I believe. You know, I always wanted to do a cover of that song until the Foo Fighters beat me to it.

Christopher Cross - "Sailing"

"Sailing" by Christopher Cross is just such a relaxing song to listen to and it brings me back to my childhood every time I hear it. It was on the radio all the time and is the definition of a perfect yacht rock song. It's just one of those classy, timeless songs.

Loggins and Messina - "Danny's Song"

"Danny's Song" by Loggins and Messina has one of the greatest choruses ever. You know, I just love it. I just love the mood it puts me in and I always have. Every time it comes on the radio, I always stop everything and turn it up. You can't help but love it.