Masks, Cereal, Trampolines: See EU1OGY's Surreal Video for New Banger "WAGON V. 2" | Revolver

Masks, Cereal, Trampolines: See EU1OGY's Surreal Video for New Banger "WAGON V. 2"

"Post-violent, hardcore electronic experimental" artist drops hard-hitting single

Having cut his teeth in the Baltimore hardcore scene, EU1OGY now stands at the front lines of the new breed of artists, like Ghostemane, Ho99o9 and Code Orange, who are fearlessly defying the prescribed boundaries between metal, punk, hip-hop, electronic music and other sounds. On Bandcamp, he describes the project as "PROGRESSIVE. post-violent, hardcore electronic experimental. aggro lyrical tension like metal tentacles over a visceral palette of production. primal screams, sentient machine bleeps and heavy guitar."

The latest projection of this vision is the hard-hitting single "WAGON V. 2" (which is available via Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer now) and its colorful, surreal music video, both of which Revolver is premiering right here, right now. Listen and watch above, and read on for EU1OGY's comments on the new offerings.

"EU1OGY is about breaking the boundaries of hardcore and punk genres, and taking you out of your comfort zone," he says. "With this project I wanted to challenge myself to make something that had the energy of underground punk and hardcore while also having strong elements of rap and electronic music. My music embodies the confidence of Kanye, the heavy beats of Travis Scott, riffs of early Linkin Park, and the vocal experimentation of Bring Me the Horizon. That's the kind of music I make — real, emotional and a little bit cocky.

"'WAGON V. 2' is a homage to my DIY roots and Good Charlotte. When people listen to 'WAGON V. 2,' the atmosphere in the room changes. I can tell that people just want to get up and fuck shit up. 'WAGON V. 2' is a song about flexing on everyone who talks shit and doesn't work hard. The video, directed by Monique Baron, is about facing the realest version of yourself and embracing it."

eu1ogy PRESS 2020 mitch ryan, Mitch Ryan
photograph by Mitch Ryan