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Mastodon Announce Unique Livestream Show at Georgia Aquarium

'Captured Live at Georgia Aquarium' is Atlanta band's first-ever acoustic performance

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Mastodon are known for big riffs, gruff vocals and wild prog compositions, so what would it sound like if they did an acoustic set? On July 15th, we're going to find out. The Atlanta crew have announced a special livestream event called 'Captured Live at Georgia Aquarium' that features the band performing their first-ever acoustic set surrounded by majestic sea creatures at their local aquarium. 

The set will be broadcasted on the HD livestreaming platform DREAMSTAGE, and it's slated to feature commentary from the band about their own creative process. Its official synopsis promises a career-spanning setlist of stripped-down material, and given the aquatic setting, they'll surely play at least a couple songs from their Moby Dick-inspired 2004 album, Leviathan.

The performance goes down July 15 at 9 p.m. ET and tickets are available now. Check out the official trailer above that features the band standing awe-struck beneath schools of fish, and peep the flier below. 

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