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MAX CAVALERA picks favorite current underground metal band

A group who understand that a great heavy song has "got to make your head bang"
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photograph by Jim Louvau

Max Cavalera isn't the type of old head who scoffs at what the kids are up to. Since co-founding Sepultura in the early Eighties, the 53-year-old Brazilian musician has lived through several generations of metal, and despite finding success in multiple popular and well-regarded bands — Soulfly, Nailbomb, Killer Be Killed, etc. — he's always kept his ear to the underground.

During a recent conversation with Revolver, we asked Cavalera to pick his favorite underground metal band who are just starting to break out into the wider metal landscape. He ended up selecting Fulci, a brutal Italian death-metal band named after the "Godfather of Gore" himself, horror director Lucio Fulci.


I like Fulci a lot, man, the Italian guys. I listen to them a lot. It's death metal with a lot of groove, and I'm really inspired by that. That's one of the reasons why I also love 200 Stab Wounds — they have deep-rooted, heavy grooves.

[Fulci] do fast stuff, they do blast beats, but they never forget that the core essence of a good track is that it's got to make your head bang. It's got to make you feel it. You feel the groove.

I think right now, if I had to pick, Fulci [are] my favorite band right now, at the moment.