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MAX CAVALERA picks favorite SOULFLY songs to play live

"Every time we play that live, it's just freaking awesome"
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Max Cavalera is a road warrior. For over 30 years, the guy has been a nonstop touring machine — from his salad days in Sepultura to his longstanding career at the helm of Soulfly, and his many other side projects in between. Today (January 25th), Soulfly will be kicking off a 57-date(!) North American headlining trek. It's actually the longest tour he's ever done — in his entire career.

"When I saw the days, I kind of freaked out a little bit," Cavlera tells Revolver. "The whole back of the [tour] shirt is fucking covered with dates. I'm like, This is crazy, man. But I'm up for it, man."

Cavalera has good reason to be fired up. In addition to being Soulfly's longest trek of uninterrupted dates ever, it's also the first time Soulfly will be touring the U.S. since the release of last year's Totem, the band's 12th album. In honor of this monumental journey before him, we asked Cavalera what songs he most enjoys busting out in the live environment.

"Well, you always get excited to play new stuff," Cavalera says. "I'm loving the new record [Totem]. I love 'Superstition.' It's going to be super fun to play that ... It was the first song I wrote for Totem, too. It was cool. So if I had to pick a new song, it would be 'Superstition.'

"And if I had to pick an older Soulfly song, maybe 'Rise of the Fallen.' That's the one we did with Greg [Puciato] from the Dillinger Escape Plan, and it's on Omen [2010]. It just has a really, really sick groove. And every time we play that live, it's just freaking awesome. The crowd goes nuts."

If you don't already know the lyrics to roar along, brush up by cranking both songs below. And check out the full list of Soulfly tour dates right here.