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Max Creeps: Hear Mysterious Punk Duo's New Rager "The Internet Killed Me"

GN'R and Green Day-approved band drop minute-long hardcore ripper

Revolver has teamed with Max Creeps for an exclusive colored vinyl variant of their new album, Nein, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Order yours here!

Max Creeps have had quite a month. A few weeks back, the mysterious duo of PC Bullshit and Max Blastic announced that they were breaking up after a near-50-year career — a decision that earned teary-eyed goodbye posts from the likes of Slash, Green Day, Henry Rollins, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, and many others. Then, a few days later, they said they were reuniting and announced a new album called, Nein (out May 13th via Velocity Records).

Are Max Creeps actually punk-rock luminaries beloved by the whole industry despite there being zero digital trace of their existence up until April 2022? Or are they just world-class pranksters? We may never be sure, but what we do know is that we're premiering the video for their new song "The Internet Killed Me," a minute-long hardcore ripper in the vein of Circle Jerks and Negative Approach. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"'The Internet Killed Me' is a euphemism for being killed — by the internet — literally and figuratively," Blastic said. "You wouldn't know it until it actually happens to you. I mean the internet LITERALLY killed me. AND the internet FIGURATIVELY killed me. It's up to you to know the difference. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid."

Nein is now available for pre-order in a variety of formats, including a Revolver-exclusive clear-colored vinyl variant that's limited to just 300 copies worldwide. Get yours here before they're gone!

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