"Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal": Hear Castle Rat's Epic New Song "Feed the Dream" | Revolver

"Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal": Hear Castle Rat's Epic New Song "Feed the Dream"

All hail The Rat Queen
castle rat 2022 PROMO, Javier Vela
photograph by Javier Vela

Fans of Frank Frazetta and Black Sabbath, meet your favorite new band. Formed in 2019 and led by singer-guitarist Riley Pinkerton, a.k.a. The Rat Queen, Brooklyn's Castle Rat play what they call "Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal." It's sludgy, Dungeon & Dragons riffery of the highest order, delivered live via a theatrical stage show full of swords, masks and chain mail.

Today (October 27th), The Rat Queen and her cohorts have teamed with Revolver to premiere the new single "Feed the Dream," which was fittingly recorded in a 150-year-old abandoned church. Written in isolation, the song channels "the longing for the closeness of a creature that does not exist in the physical realm," Pinkerton tells us. "It's the act of turning a fantasy over and over in one's mind until its very existence becomes a lustrous pearl of questions that need not be answered."

Crank it below, and look out for future singles from Castle Rat, as they continue their quest to defend "the Realm" from Death Herself, The Rat Reaperess. Heshers in NYC can catch the band live with Evolfo, Wine Lips, and Joudy for a Halloween bash, dubbed The Great Rat Summoning, on October 28th at The Sultan Room. For tickets and more information, click here.