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Meet Africa's First All-Black Black-Metal Band, Demogoroth Satanum

"Apartheid was only just over 20 years ago. So there’s a shitload of tension. We’re trying to break that fucking tension."

Deep in Soweto, South Africa, Demogoroth Satanum are making waves as the self-proclaimed first all-black black-metal band, and the group is featured in a new video from Uproxx Reports, which you can watch above. Blasting out extreme metal in a region predominantly known for "a house-music, R&B-ish vibe," the corpse-paint-clad group has faced a hard road, trying to overcome the preconceptions of their community and the label of "fucking Satanists."

But, as the clip shows, they've also faced the challenge of breaking into their new adopted community: the black-metal scene. Racial segregation still lingers in South Africa from the days of apartheid, and as vocalist Sthembiso "Tyrant" Kunene says of the black-metal underground, "That's, like, white people only. That was hard, getting our first performance and shit."

However, Demogoroth Satanum are not only rising above such obstacles, they are also using their music as a tool to bring people together from both sides, integrating more white people into their black community as well as introducing more black people to the extreme-metal scene.

"We're trying to get more black people involved by playing here in Soweto," explains Kunene. "Fuck it, we're tired of going out there. We're trying to get white people to come to Soweto more. In Soweto, that's a very, very weird thing to see. Which is cool, it's working out. They fucking love it. We host some of the best gigs. Apartheid was only, like what, just over 20 years ago. So there's a shitload of tension. We're trying to break that fucking tension. And once our country breaks that racial tension, then we can fucking move on and they won't call us 'white people' for playing 'white people music.'"

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