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MELVINS' Buzz Osborne says 'Lulu' is METALLICA's best album

Sludge-grunge pioneer thinks 'Tallica's hated Lou Reed collab is their finest work
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Melvins' Buzz Osborne
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Metallica's 2011 album Lulu, their collaboration with Velvet Underground icon Lou Reed, is commonly regarded as one of the worst metal albums ever made. Yes, even worse than St. Anger. Regardless, Melvins bandleader Buzz Osborne thinks that Lulu is far and away the best album Metallica's ever made. Seriously. 

In a new interview with New Noise Magazine, the sludge-grunge pioneer was asked if his fans have reacted to any Melvins albums in the way Metallica fans gawked at Lulu. He said they haven't, and then he revealed his extremely hot take on Lulu.

"Those guys got taken to task for it, and I think it's their best record, easily the weirdest one," Osborne said. "Metallica should be leading the way. They should be planting the flag in their own spot and making people rally around that."

"Don't let people tell you what to do," he continued. "That's a terrible idea. It doesn't work because then you're assuming that you know what they want. There's no way you can know that. All you can do is make music that you like, and they obviously liked that thing with Lou Reed, and they're at a point now in their career that they could do whatever they want.

"They're playing stadiums. What's going to happen? They're gonna go down to 10,000 seaters? I think they'd be OK."