Hear Melvins, Mr. Bungle Members Take Dark Psych Journey on New Low Flying Hawks EP | Revolver

Hear Melvins, Mr. Bungle Members Take Dark Psych Journey on New Low Flying Hawks EP

'Anxious Ghosts' is intense exploration of rumbling, moody soundscapes

"The main theme here is anxiety, where the human mind tries to escape and find some meaning in all the nonsense," says Low Flying Hawks member EHA. While the band's latest EP Anxious Ghosts (EHA calls it "the Sisyphean trilogy of our first two albums") may initially hit like a distorted lullaby, continued listening reveals an intense journey through rumbling, shifting moody soundscapes and an unsteady but enthralling atmosphere for each. 

Featuring a dynamite rhythm section starring the Melvins' longtime drummer Dale Crover and illustrious Mr. Bungle/Melvins/Tomahawk/etc. bassist Trevor Dunn, Low Flying Hawks were never going to be a one-trick pony. The varied textures on the EP indeed conjure up agitated spirits, but the heft of Crover's heavy-handed bashing grounds an otherwise weightless exploration of layered invocations.


But such was the aim of EHA and his musical accomplices. "The mind tries to settle itself and reorganize the pain and suffering," he muses, "only to find darkness and despair and then start again with hope."

"Our aim was to bestow despair via pounding destruction and beauty through acoustic passages ending with the hypnotic motorik rhythms of Doors to nowhere," EHA continues, "leaving us confused and peacefully waiting for the winter to come." 

To experience the winding, four-song adventure yourself, stream the EP above. Anxious Ghosts is due out Friday, June 28th via Magnetic Eye Records. You can pick up a copy via the group's Bandcamp, and follow along on Instagram to peek inside the quartet's world.