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Metallica: Hear Previously Unreleased Version of "Sad but True"

Unused take from upcoming "Black Album" remastered box set

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Last week, Metallica announced that they're celebrating 30 years of the "Black Album" with a gigundo deluxe box set that boasts, in addition to a remastered version of the record, 14 CD's worth of bonus content — live shows, rough mixes, demos and more. One of the tracks in that collection is an unused take of "Sad But True," and today (June 29th) the band have shared it for all to hear. 

This version of one of Metallica's most iconic songs was apparently the 36th take they recorded in the studio, and it was cut to tape on February 5th, 1991. There's nothing particularly revelatory or unique about the arrangement or the composition, it just sounds like a rougher and slightly different edition of the timeless groove-metal anthem.

Still, it's interesting to hear how it sounded before they nailed the version we know and love today. Take a listen above via YouTube. 

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