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Metallica's Kirk Hammett: "We Haven't Really Peaked"

"We're still real hungry, we still wanna make music, we still care about music"
Kirk Hammett Jimmy Hubbard, Jimmy Hubbard
Kirk Hammett
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

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Metallica have been spending a lot of time looking back this year while they celebrate 30 years of the "Black Album," but Kirk Hammett isn't feeling trapped in a web of nostalgia. In fact, the band's principle shredder doesn't even think they've hit their creative peak yet. 

In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Hammett reflected on Metallica's 40-year history, specifically remarking on how quickly the last four decades have gone by. 

"Man, it's crazy when I think about four decades," Hammett said. "'Cause I swear to God, it seems like just yesterday that we were on a tour bus somewhere in the middle of America, just trying to keep up with everything. And nowadays it's just . . .forty years passed so quickly. It's amazing."

Then, the veteran guitarist quickly pivoted from rehashing the good ole days to focusing on the future, which he considers to be extremely bright for Metallica. 

"What's truly amazing now is the fact that I still feel like we haven't really peaked," the axeman said. "We're still real hungry, we still wanna make music, we still care about music, we still care about each other."

"I don't see any signs of us slowing down, man," he continued. "Cause we have stuff that we wanna do."

"There's no shortage of musical ideas and riffs and grooves and basslines," bassist Robert Trujillo added. "A lot of times, when bands have been around that long, there is a shortage. People run out of ideas."

"We have the opposite problem," he clarified. "We have too many ideas. So it's a good problem to have."

Good news for Metallica fans! Check out the full interview below.