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Motörhead in 1979: See Rare and Rowdy Photos of Lemmy Kilmister and Co.

Previously unseen shots showcase classic power-trio lineup at scuzzy best
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1979 was a banner year for Motörhead. The band's classic power-trio lineup of Lemmy Kilmister, "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor was at the peak of its powers, both in the studio, where the group recorded two of their heaviest albums that year, Overkill and Bomber, but also onstage, where they raised hell without fail. Motörhead raised hell offstage, as well, of course, treating rock & roll debauchery like a combat sport.

Commemorating the 40th anniversaries of Overkill and Bomber — and the overall greatness of Motörhead during that era — the band is set to release an insane new seven-LP box set, succinctly titled 1979, that includes reissues of the two albums, plus tons of previously unreleased live material, B-sides, rarities and other collectible ephemera, all packaged in badass black biker jacket box. (You can pre-order yours now.) Due October 25th alongside separate individual reissues of Overkill and Bomber, the box set notably features a 40-page magazine full of unseen photos, some of which we're unveiling today.

Scroll on to see unearthed shots of Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy at their scuzzy, unPhotoshopped finest, as well as rare concert footage of a characteristically raucous 1979 performance of "Bomber."

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