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Motanka: See Ukrainian Act Create "Mystic Metal" With Ancient Instruments

Quartet's entrancing "Horizon" performance wowed audiences at 2018's Wacken Open Air Metal Battle

Motanka are a rising Ukrainian quartet whose standout performance at Wacken Open Air 2018 Metal Battle garnered the unique outfit's blend of traditional instrumentation and metal plenty of attention. Now with the release of their live-shot video of single "Horizon," new fans can get a taste of that experience for themselves. 

The entrancing song, from their new self-titled debut, echoes gorgeously in the clip, which shows the act's full stage setup as something straight out of a traditional woodland folk tale. Their otherworldly sonic effect is no mistake; the track is meant to evoke an atmosphere of existing between two worlds. 


"On the edge between life and death you can see both material and spiritual worlds," the band offered in a statement about the song. "That is what we call Horizon. Does it ever happen to you that after awakening you have a feeling that your dreams were real? In this song you will find the answers."

Esoteric daydreaming aside, Motanka's distinctive approach to creating lush, heavy music is on full display in the beautifully captured clip. Experience it in full above and check out the group's debut record, out now via Napalm Records. Find more on the band and their coming live shows on their official Facebook