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Municipal Waste's Ryan Waste: 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Horror Movies

Voodoo priestesses, biker gangs and Leprechaun in the hood
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Revolver has teamed up with Municipal Waste for an exclusive, limited-edition white vinyl variant of their new album, Electrified Brain. Grab yours now before they're gone!

Ryan Waste is a straight-up, unapologetic horror fanatic. Not only has the Municipal Waste guitarist drawn inspiration from the genre throughout his career with the Richmond thrashers (did you catch the Phantasm samples on Hazardous Mutation or see their "Slime and Punishment" video?) but he's even working on his own rock & roll horror screenplay.

As Municipal Waste are gearing up to release their seventh and newest installment, Electrified Brain (out July 1st via Nuclear Blast), we took the opportunity to pester Waste for some horror recommendations. He dutifully delivered his Top 5 Favorite Horror Films ... and treated us to a bonus list of what he considers to be five standout horror movies that are unintentionally hilarious.

Read the stories behind his picks below.

5. Nightmare Beach (1989)

Nightmare Beach, a.k.a. "Welcome to Spring Break," happens to be the last flick I showed at my pad for movie night. It killed then, so I might as well leave y'all with a crowd pleaser. Highlights include a biker gang paying homage to the [1985 Italian horror movie] Demons written in the movie font on the back of their cuts, plenty of dickhead one-liners, sexy spring breakers getting fried and a deadly soundtrack featuring Randy Piper's Animal, which is basically the lost W.A.S.P. members in their prime.

4. Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

Lep in the hood — come to do no good — is comedy gold. Ice-T gives the performance of his life in this fifth film of the Leprechaun series. Wanna bet I know all the dialogue by heart, including the raps? Feeling lucky? Try me. 

3. Shock 'Em Dead (1991)

Here lies living proof that if you sell your soul to a voodoo priestess, you can have the guitar chops of Michael Angelo Batio, be surrounded by babes and Traci Lords will manage your band. By the way, the band is called Spastic Colon — what could possibly go wrong? 

2. Street Trash (1987)

A lot of these movies play into the origins of Municipal Waste and this toxic tale is surely a garbage stomping riot. Drinking could be the death of us, but nothing can compare to the bodily harm a bottle of Tenafly Viper will do ...

1. Blood Diner (1987)

Comedy is an important tool in horror because it's used to loosen the audience up, making them more vulnerable to a scare by catching them off guard. Jackie Kong's Blood Diner might make you a little too loose at times because it leans more on humor than fright. I rented this as a kid and it still holds up as a cult favorite of mine. We wrote the Waste song "Blood Hunger" based on it many moons ago. Long live, Sheetar!