Mushroomhead: Go Behind the Scenes of Post-Apocalyptic "The Heresy" Video | Revolver

Mushroomhead: Go Behind the Scenes of Post-Apocalyptic "The Heresy" Video

"No babies were eaten or harmed in the making of this video"

Earlier this month, Mushroomhead unveiled the characteristically cinematic music video for "The Heresy," a standout cut off their freshly released eighth album, A Wonderful Life. Orchestral and portentous, the song features a three-pronged vocal attack from the veteran Cleveland band's two new singers, Ms. Jackie and Mr. Rauckhorst, as well as returning longtime member J Mann. Mann called "The Heresy" "the soundtrack to a dystopian delirium," and in keeping with that description, the single's striking visual is set inside what appears to be a post-apocalyptic military bunker. Today (July 1st), Mushroomhead have teamed with Revolver to premiere a new mini-doc that gives fans an inside look at the making of the video — from the deep-sea diving suit that didn't make the cut, to the truth behind those welding sparks. Watch above, and see below for the original clip.

"We wanted to do something a little more thought-provoking this time around," Mushroomhead mastermind and percussionist Steve "Skinny" Felton said of the music video for "The Heresy" at the time of its release. "With the current state of the world going to hell in a hand basket, we wanted to incorporate something that delivered the swift transportation of certain doom. The manufacturing of war power and the stockpiling of faith. The willful destruction of the past, the future and, ultimately, humanity."

A Wonderful Life is out now via Napalm Records.