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Napalm Death Unleash Hard-to-Find Cut "Oh So Pseudo" Ahead of Rarities Compilation

Blistering track appears on grindcore pioneers' massive upcoming comp

Napalm Death have shared "Oh So Pseudo," a searing earworm previously exclusive to deluxe editions of the grindcore pioneer's 2014 studio effort, Apex Predator – Easy Meat. Recorded during sessions for the aforementioned LP, the ripper is one of 31 crushing tracks included on Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs, the band's forthcoming, two-disc rarities compilation collecting one-offs and covers originally recorded between 2004 and 2016. Previously, the band dropped "Nurse the Hunger," a never-before-heard cut pressed to flexidisc for Decibel's Napalm Death-themed issue last month. (The song, which was also penned during the Apex Predator – Easy Meat sessions, is not included on Coded Smears and More Uncommon' Slurs.)

"Napalm Death is a band that gives 100 percent when writing a song, so the songs included on this comp were saved originally for split EPs that are now sold out, or vinyl editions of our albums, or to become Japanese bonus tracks," Napalm Death Shane Embury says of the upcoming trove. "When I was compiling the track listing, I was struck by how exciting again these tunes are to me — I had actually forgotten some of them! We have written so many tracks, and the years go by so quick that you forget just how fucking great these songs are!"

Coded Slurs and More Uncommon Slurs hits shelves March 30th via Century Media. You can pre-order it here, and read on for the album artwork and track list.

Coded Smears cover

Napalm Death – Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs track listing:

1. "Standardization"
2. "Oh So Pseudo"
3. "It Failed To Explode"
4. "Losers"
5. "Call That An Option?"
6. "Caste As Waste"
7. We Hunt In Packs"
8. "Oxygen Of Duplicity"
9. "Paracide" (Gepopel cover)
10. Critical Gluttonous Mass"
11. "Aim Without An Aim"
12. "An Extract (Strip It Clean)" (feat. Heaven Shall Burn)
13. "Phonetics For The Stupefied"
14. "Suppressed Hunger"
15. "To Go Off And Things" (Cardiacs cover)
16. "Clouds Of Cancer / Victims Of Ignorance"
17. "What Is Past Is Prologue"
18. "Like Piss To A Sting"
19. "Where The Barren Is Fertile"
20. "Crash The Pose" (Gauze cover)
21. "Earthwire"
22. "Will By Mouth"
23. "Everything In Mono"
24. "Omnipresent Knife In Your Back"
25. "Lifeline" (Sacrilege cover)
26. "Youth Offender"
27. "No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)"
28. "Legacy Was Yesterday"
29. "Outconditioned" (Despair cover)
30. "Atheist Runt"
31. "Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Version)"