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Hear Narrow Head Channel Helmet, Bad Brains on New Song "Hard to Swallow"

Texas crew flexes noise-rock muscle on latest single

We've been championing Texas' Narrow Head for a little while now and for good reason. Acclaimed for their shimmery pop melodies and feedback-soaked shoegazery, the quintet evoke the bittersweet alt-rock of Smashing Pumpkins, Nothing and their ilk. But these dudes love heavier shit, too, and on their latest single, "Hard to Swallow," they indulge that side of their split personality. According to vocalist-guitarist Jacob Duarte, the noisy, serrated song "was inspired by Helmet and Quickness-era Bad Brains," which makes Revolver the perfect spot to premiere the cut, as we're doing right here right now. Blast it above.

"This track is a little on the heavier side, lyrically and musically," Duarte tells us. "I wanted to write something you could bang your head to while still singing along to the melody. I really wanted to show our roots on this one."

"Hard to Swallow" is taken from Narrow Head's forthcoming new LP, 12th House Rock, which is set for a August 28th release via Run for Cover (North America) and Holy Roar (U.K./E.U.). The album is available for pre-order now.

"Hard to Swallow" lyrics:
It's decided we'll never know
It's not important to them
Waking up now is such a bore
Crush it up and you'll see

Cut it out
It's hard to swallow

Talking to you is such a bore
Wake me up when you leave
There's a pill for me by the door
Crush it up and you'll see it's hard to swallow

Take one down and fall to the floor
Trust no one
Stay if you want to