Hear NERV vent over "fairweather friends" on darkly anthemic "FAKE!" single | Revolver

Hear NERV vent over "fairweather friends" on darkly anthemic "FAKE!" single

Previewing the hard rockers' next EP

Sacramento, California's Nerv have been taking an earnest, honest approach to hard-rock darkness over the past few years, racking up millions of streams along the way. They're continuing this trend on their latest single, though the track comes under the sincerity-skewering title of "FAKE!"

The song, which teases a forthcoming EP release, is marked with the same kind of nu-adjacent heaviness as 2022's breakthrough We're All Patients Here LP, with vocalist Dillon Jones' blacklight vibrato reverberating off detuned, abyss-chilled melodies and an extra round of screams from the rest of the band. Lyrically, they're icily venting on bad connections and the "fairweather friends" in their inner circle.

"With this song we wanted to show people a side of us they haven't gotten to see very much of," the group explained in a statement. "'FAKE!' expresses aggression towards friends who only come around when it benefits them."

The band are currently wrapping recording sessions for their next EP, working alongside producer Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Escape the Fate), but in the meantime you can check out Nerv's "FAKE!" up above.