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New Fotocrime Video From Ex-Coliseum, Young Widows Members Is Dark Wave Heaven

Post-hardcore mainstay Ryan Patterson plumbs goth-rock depths with "Duplicate Days"

Ryan Patterson is best known for making burly, noisy post-hardcore music with his band Coliseum, but his latest project, Fotocrime — which also features guitarist Nick Thieneman (Young Widows) and bassist Shelley Anderson — traffics in a more mellow, if no less dark and insinuating, sound. The neon-streaked, black-leather-clad Dark Wave and post-punk of the Eighties echoes in the six tracks on the trio's forthcoming 12-inch EP, Always Night, which follows up the group's self-released and quickly-sold-out Always Hell 7-inch. Both slinky and rumbling, lead cut "Duplicate Days" is an exemplar of the project as a whole, as is its atmospheric music video, directed by Revolver video producer/editor Jaclyn Sheer.

"'Duplicate Days' is a song about the shock of being reminded of our impermanence and the full embrace of the beauty of now," Patterson says. "It's a somewhat joyous tune led by my 12-string guitar and Nick's chiming Jazzmaster, driven by Shelley's propulsive bass and the trusty rhythms of our drum machine, 'Mother.'

"The video, directed by the incredible Jaclyn Sheer, has hints of French New Wave cinema and mid-Eighties late-night alternative-music videos. With the video, Jaclyn embraced elements of New York City that she remembers fondly from her youth that still thrive today. The main character spends a day enjoying the city alone and ends her night dancing with friends in a burst of elation and color."

Always Night is due out November 10th via Golden Antenna Records and is available for pre-order here. Fotocrime play Louisville, Kentucky, November 20th, and then hit the road in Europe early next year.

Fotocrime tour dates:

11/20/17 Louisville, KY | Headliners #
01/12/17 DE Cologne | Privat 
02/12/17 FR Le Havre | Fort de Tourneville +
03/12/17 FR Brest | Le P'tit Minoua +
04/12/17 FR Nantes | Le Dynamo Cafe +
05/12/17 FR Paris | L'Olympic Cafe +
06/12/17 DE Karlsruhe | Jubel *
07/12/17 DE Braunschweig | Nexus
08/12/17 DE Leipzig | Plaque
11/12/17 DE Hamburg | Hafenklang
13/12/17 DE Würzburg | Immerhin
14/12/17 IT Bolzano | Sudwerk 
15/12/17 CH Geneva | La Makhno 
16/12/17 IT Viareggio | Ganz Of Bicchio 
17/12/17 IT Bologna | Freak Out 
18/12/17 AU Vienna | Rhiz
19/12/17 HU Budapest | Robot 
20/12/17 CZ Prague | Klub 007 Strahov
21/12/17 CZ Brno | Kabinet Muz

# w/ Black Heart Procession
+ w/ Bleakness
* w/ Emma Rundle, Jaye Jayle