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New Study: Slipknot Is Most Popular Artist to Listen to When Angry

Pantera, Korn, Rage Against the Machine also made the list
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Spotify is delivering their year-end reports for listeners around the world, but U.K.-based company TickX took matters into their own hands and studied the streaming platform's metrics and looked "at playlist data to find out which songs, artists and genres appeared most often in playlists featuring the words 'happy,' 'sad,' 'sexy,' 'love,' 'angry' and 'chill.'" Their findings determined when it comes to the crowning glory of who tops the list of "Angriest Artists," one contender stood out above the crowd: Slipknot. 

Based on a series of metrics — including danceability (average of 54 out of 100), beats per minute (130), energy (86), and duration (226 seconds) — the songs, artists, and genres spanned a wide breadth of music that contained the most rage. Which, speaking of, Rage Against the Machine also made the cut, along with bands like Pantera, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, System of a Down and Korn. 

When it came to angriest songs though, Disturbed's 2000 banger "Down With the Sickness" beat them all to be voted the track most streamed when people are pissed off. The 'Knot still made a big impression with three tracks in the top 10 including "Duality," "Psychosocial," and "Before I Forget." 

As for genre, the results aren't so cut and dry. While most metalheads like to consider their preferred genre the one most likely to inspire someone to break shit, it turns out there's plenty of ire to go around. Alternative metal may have the crowning spot, but dance pop ran up on second place, followed by emo, dark trap, and finally Detroit hip-hop. 

Browse through the entire list of results here to get a full picture of the angriest music, plus plenty of info on the other musical moods out there.