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Old Blood's New "Enjoy. The Devil" Video Is Gory Acid-Doom Homage to '70s Horror

Grisly clip nods to 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' 'Halloween' and 'Twin Peaks'

It's hard to say which horns in Old Blood's gore-soaked new video "Enjoy. The Devil" are the more startling — the demonic ones worn by Feathers, the L.A. doom band's charismatic frontwoman, or the actual brass instruments that really take this doom-metal torch song to a whole other level.

"It's a very soul- and jazz-influenced song," says Old Blood keyboardist Stone. It's one of the first songs we started work on after the first record [Old Blood's self-titled 2016 debut]. "We're introducing some new instruments that we've never used before, things that you never hear in doom metal and stoner rock. We're still heavy, we're still doom — we're still 'acid doom,' as we like to call ourselves — but we're definitely trying different ideas, and this is one of them. We like to keep things fresh."

Directed, filmed and co-produced by SunnyBoy Entertainment, the video for "Enjoy. The Devil" — which makes its world premiere here at Revolver, just in time for Halloween — was conceived as an homage to some of the more disturbing horror films of the 1970s. "We're definitely big fans of Seventies horror," says Stone, "Things like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Dario Argento. But I think our video has a heavy Twin Peaks vibe to it, too. We didn't do a video for the last record, so we thought we'd go as cinematic as we possibly can with this thing. The story boards were drawn out by our bass player, Octopus. We've had the concept in our heads for a while; it evolved over time, and it finally just came together."

 "Enjoy. The Devil" definitely whets our appetite for the next Old Blood full-length, which should be out sometime in 2019. "The whole record's written," Stone reveals. "We don't have a release date yet, but there will absolutely be new music from us next year."