OZZY OSBOURNE on modern music: "It's all f**king rehashed" | Revolver

OZZY OSBOURNE on modern music: "It's all f**king rehashed"

Heavy-metal pioneer doesn't care for today's sounds
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photograph by Ross Halfin

Ozzy Osbourne isn't very fond of the current state of music. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the Prince of Darkness responded to the suggestion that Black Sabbath invented heavy metal by playing down their own uniqueness and then taking an opportunity to shit on the sound of today's artists.

"In the same way that people think of the Beatles as inventing rock 'n' roll, I think of Black Sabbath as inventing heavy metal," said Jack Black, who was speaking with Ozzy as part of a special interview between the Great Ozz and Tenacious D.

"It's a nice thought," Ozzy responded. "But we were very influenced by the Who, Led Zeppelin, Kinks… Fuckin' hell, when I heard The Kinks' 'You Really Got Me,' I bought the single and I played it to fucking death. I couldn't stop listening to it.

"I don't get that anymore with music that I hear," Ozzy continued. "I don't listen to much modern music. There's no new music at all — it's all fucking rehashed."

We here at Revolver HQ would beg to differ, of course, as to our ears, there's plenty of exciting new music being made these days. Ozzy, might we refer you to our monthly Artists You Need to Know column?