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OZZY OSBOURNE picks his dream supergroup

The musicians, living or dead, who the Prince of Darkness would collab with
ozzy osbourne GETTY LIVE 2022, David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images
Ozzy Osbourne, 2022
photograph by David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images

Throughout his unparalleled career at the forefront of heavy music, Ozzy Osbourne has been fortunate enough to collaborate with basically anyone who will have him. In fact, his most recent albums, 2020's Ordinary Man and 2022's Patient No. 9, have played out like recording summits for some of the biggest names in rock, with Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Elton John and many others filling out the guest lists. 

However, there are still a handful of musicians who Ozzy would love to collaborate with — if he could revive the dead, that is. In the new issue of Metal Hammer, Tenacious D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass visited the Prince of Darkness's house for a sit-down interview, and they asked the Black Sabbath singer which rockers, living or deceased, he would play with if given the chance. .

"I'd love to do something with John Lennon or [Jimi] Hendrix," Ozzy said. "I'd love to do something with Randy Rhoads again. I'd love Paul McCartney to play on one of my albums. He's a great bass player."

At this point in the interview, Black comments on how that lineup sounds like one helluva supergroup, but that it's missing a drummer. Of course, since he already added several long-dead musicians to his fantasy band, Ozzy could've gone with anyone else from rock history — John Bonham, Keith Moon, Nearl Peart, to name a few obvious picks. 

But no, he actually chose his current drummer, Tommy Clufetos, who's backed Ozzy's solo band since 2010 and sat in for Bill Ward when he departed Black Sabbath in 2012. 

"Tommy Clufetos is my drummer now and he's a great drummer."

Well, there you have it. Lennon, Hendrix, Rhoads, McCartney, Clufetos and Ozzy. How's that for a Coachella headliner?