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PERSEKUTOR's Vlad the Inhaler picks top 5 coldest songs of all time

Transylvanian "ice-metal" kingpin brings the chill
persekutor vlad the inhaler PROMO 2023, Jessica Luna
photograph by Jessica Luna

If there's one thing that self-proclaimed "ice-metal" giants Persekutor know, it's the fucking cold. Drawing on influences from Bathory to AC/DC, the Transylvanian black 'n' roll cult heroes stack frosty riffs and even frostier vocals — the latter courtesy of ski-masked frontman Vlad the Inhaler — on their upcoming sophomore album, Snow Business, due out June 23rd on Blues Funeral Recordings. (You can pre-order it here.)

Considering the band's proven expertise, we tracked down the aforementioned Vlad to get his picks for the "coldest songs" of all time — however he might choose to interpret that concept. Perhaps not surprisingly, he chose to do so very literally. Check out his selections below.

Darkthrone - "Too Old Too Cold"

I am rememberings when Darkthrone is comings out with The Cult Is Alive album back in '06, was killer new direction for band. Might be soundings like sacrilege, but I am likings Darkthrone 2006-2016 era better than even the early classics! We are playings cover of "Too Old Too Cold" sometimes at concerts because Darkthrone is never playings live and because it is summings up attitude of Persekutor with great accuracy.

Thin Lizzy - "Cold Sweat"

Thin Lizzy is all-time favorite band for me, and this is probably heaviest track from them. The Thunder & Lightning album was definitely the most metal Thin Lizzy record, with John Sykes from Tygers of Pan Tang on guitar with Scott Gorham. Sykes is joinings Whitesnake a few years after this, making big hit self-titled album with them in '87 and gettings all the ladies. Too bad this was last Thin Lizzy album — next one might have been even heavier!

Rick James - "Cold Blooded"

"Cocaine is hell of drug." Rick James is sayings this on Chappelle's Show many years ago. If you are readings his autobiography, Glow, you learn he is doings so much cocaine that it is big surprise there is any left for rest of us. Rick James is writings this song in tribute to Linda Blair from The Exorcist, who he was bangings at the time. Persekutor is writings tribute to Rick and other cocaine heroes like Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Sly Stone in title track to our new album, Snow Business!

Metallica - "Trapped Under Ice"

Don't you hates it when you wakes up from cryonic state only to finds you are TRAPPED UNDER ICE? Where Metallica is concerned, it is not gettings any colder than this!! Like many of the songs on this list, the track is 40 years old and still every bits as killer as it was back in old days. Ride the Lightning is very kool album because is last Metallica to have Mustaine writings and first one to have Kirk Hammett writings, so is kinds of like premium blend in this way.

ATC - "Cut in Ice"

Not many peoples is knowings this one maybe. Song is title track on Euro-metal obscurity from Sweden, 1984. ATC was one-and-done band, never to be heards from again. But "Cut in Ice" is big sing-along anthem you puts on at heavy-metal house party after everyones is gettings a few drinks in them. I am not knowings much about these guys, but I bets they like to make party!