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Phil Anselmo Reveals New En Minor Project, Influenced by the Cure, David Bowie

Former Pantera frontman also nods to Sisters of Mercy and Nick Cave
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Phil Anselmo is a man of many bands. Pantera, Down, Superjoint, Arson Anthem, Christ Inversion, Eibon, Scour — these are but a few of the musical endeavors the New Orleans rocker has pursued over the past 30 years, and his resume just got longer. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Cabbs "5150 Interview Series" (subsequently reported by, Anselmo announced his latest band, En Minor. The musician kept mum on the group's exact lineup, although he did shed light on its forthcoming debut, which he's been sitting on for nearly two years. Due out in March via Anselmo's Housecore records, the album can basically be summed up in two words: Eighties worship. Indeed, the king of southern metal may be going goth.

"I guess it would be my, 'Hello, great dark Eighties, of Sisters of Mercy, of the Cure's Seventeen Seconds record and Faith album ... [inspired by] early the Cure, early U2, Nick Cave and the fucking Bad Seeds or the Birthday Party, David Bowie," Anselmo said of En Minor. "I take all these influences and then somehow, we came out with results." (Whether those "results" entail Anselmo rocking dark eyeliner and black nail polish remains a mystery.)

"It is what it is," he added. "I'll let the people decide at the end of the day, and we'll see — but once again, I'm not shootin' for radio time here. I'm just trying to broaden my horizons, write some harkening songs. But I think they have their own life, honestly. It's retro only to a certain degree — I think, within me, because I know where it's coming from. I hear the word 'cinematic' a lot, and I hear, 'This is the best record you've done in 30 years,' or some shit like that, something like that." 

Elsewhere in the interview, Anselmo, who's currently on the road with Superjoint, discussed Housecore, the state of the record industry and the legacy he hopes to leave behind, among other topics. Check out Anselmo and Cabbs' full interview below.